Thursday, December 11, 2008

VTN: From the other half

As John as noted, VTN did in fact go very well- we met alot of good people, got a real feeling for the incredible since of community in the hobby, and most importantly, got to spread the word about Plastic Booty.

The level of feedback and response to our Pantheon line up has been fantastic and I'm pleased to say that we have alot more on the way! The amount of support we've gotten from other production houses like Blockhead Brigade and Spanky Stokes has been very encouraging and we're excited to live up to their expectations!

More news from Plastic Booty is rapidly approaching, so please make sure to check back often!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VTN: more gentle than we had anticipated

So after months of hard work and sometimes not so hard work, we made our way to Pasadena for the Vinyl Toy Network show this past Saturday. It was an eye opening and exciting experience for me. It was our first stab at getting our designs out there, in person, flesh and blood, to some of the biggest names in the designer toy community.

Days before the show I had horrible visions of being snubbed by elitist artists, whom would look down their noses on our bland and uninspired works. It was completely unfounded, yet I don't think I can blame myself too much for the self induced anxiety. Its not every day I stick my neck out like that for some honest opinions of something you spent many many hours "perfecting". Curse of the artist i suppose.

But i must say, all assumptions and apprehension virtually dissolved within 10 min of walking out onto that floor. Everyone's opinions of our work aside, everyone was super friendly, cheerful, and overall helpful all day. The atmosphere was light and fun and more importantly, very intimate. The entire show could be viewed from the stage area in the middle. But don't get me wrong, there was wall to wall talent and creativity in every inch of that room.

And afterward, the Switcheroo gallery show was just another delightful step into what i think is a pretty awesome community of artists and wierdos just like us. I think we will fit right in.

So now that the demons of doubt have been squarely kicked in the tenders, PLASTIC BOOTY is going to be working even harder to create awesome stuff for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you, everyone at VTN.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The little bird that started it all...

Hello and welcome to the Plastic Booty Collectibles Production Blog, or the more pretentious PBCB. Anthony and I are both very excited to be embarking on this, and we hope that you will enjoy it as well.

Our purpose for this blog is twofold: To help keep you informed.
To help keep us on track. <-- this is super duper important.
As our new projects develop, expect to see regular updates, teasers, and post-production spreads.

As for Sparrow, let me tell you that if i had not sculpted her for Anthony as part of a class we had together, we would not be here now taking the risk and stepping into the world of garage kits and designer vinyl.

She is sculpted from Chavant brand "Le Beau Touché" and stands approx 8"tall. She also has the distinction of being the first human character i have sculpted. So its at least worth mentioning for future nostalgias sake.

So anyway, thanks for taking a moment and checking us out. Feel free to take more moments in the future, as we've got several projects ramping up to full speed, as were both preparing for the Vinyl Toy Network show this December 6th and 7th!

If you are in the Pasadena, CA area, or even remotely close, or even not remotely close, or even not even remotely close to remotely close, i highly suggest checking it out.