Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember this guy?

Gears have begun to turn, and by turn I mean its time to learn how to rotocast! Those heads are gonna be too heavy if they are solid resin so what a perfect time to learn a new technique and mix it with everything I have already learned. Ill post up some new pics once I get him all ready for the next phase!

And a big shout out to all the people who showed interest in THOR this year so far, I cant thank you enough!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GREMLIN WORLD Vol 1 drops tomorrow!

Co-Owner and partner in crime Anthony Andres is celebrating 5 years of publication with the online release of the first 10 Worlds of GREMLIN WORLD, re-touched and edited for your pleasure!

Get acquainted with the super powered Bunny Girl, Pai, fated to be the next great world heroine!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THOR v2 Artist's Proofs DIY 8" Resin Figure @ SDCC 2011

Our first big (relatively) run for SDCC 2011 is finally finished! Huge thanks to everyone once again for all the support, you know who you are!

PBC had several goals for this run of THOR and while we did not reach all of them, I do realize there has been a marked improvement in both quality of the final figures and the speed at which I was able to manufacture them. That being said we're still not quite there yet. The most important thing is to continue to develop and perfect my mold making and pouring techniques so that I end up spending the minimum amount of time handling your final custom kit.

For example, and this might spoil it a bit, one of our projects in development has something to do with GIANT ROBOTS. Excited? We are too, but to reach that level of precision I *need* to be able to fill a box of parts that are absolutely clean, with crisp edges and ready for you to customize with minimal cleanup.

Equally important is to improve package design! Design the figure to fit the box, not the other way around! Especially if your budget does not allow for custom made boxes!

Basically, I just want to insure that we can get more cool kits to you much sooner. Word.

Now, please enjoy some final progress pics!

Hope to see you at Comic Con this year! Come visit us in Small Press town, row "O". Yay!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Second Wave THOR here we come!

20 THORs almost ready for Comic-Con 2011!

Ok not exactly 20, there were some people that expressed interest when the first wave went out but I didn't have enough made at the time so more like 16 total will be sold at $40 for the assembled and pre-primed version, or $35 for the unassembled garage kit.
I plan to have only 5 of the unassembled versions but numbers are subject to change :D

This will be the only run of THOR for a little while as im pretty much going nuts thinking about our next project and want to actually get started on it. That being said I am excited about incorporating roto-casting into the workflow. I would also like to play with adding silicone parts into the mix as well. some previews should be up after Comic-Con.

Ill have more pics when were all boxed up and of course, pics for Comic Con. I intend to get a lot more photos this year than last :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remold progress and test pours today

3DJohnny has been working on the remold of THOR and today its time for a progress report.

My goal for this re-mold is to minimize any registration errors and air pockets. By doing this I intend to drastically reduce cleanup time and increase production time because a healthy stockpile of THOR for SDCC2011 will be nice to have. Plus there is a queue of other ideas and commissions that have been patiently waiting and really need some love.

The first "production" mold taught me a lot about how the process of making a silicone mold goes, and this one will probably teach me even more. I feel much more confident about this version and it will be exciting to see how the test pours turn out today!

These photos are just a few progress shots of the new molds. ill get a shot of the whole set once im done with em all.

Nothing like some 8 oz nails to really drive home the point...

But seriously I think I nailed it this time

no stupid puns here.
Recycling an old college project as a work space
Yeah, thats a print of an album cover with "Karatist Preacher" chopping a stack of bricks.
The one and only Mike Crain.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

DCON 2010: Best con or BEST CON?

We really had a great time at DCON. 3DJohnny got to catch up with a lot of old friends and made some new ones. Spankystokes as always hooked it up and shared some of his booth space so we could display THOR. Did a couple of trades with some incredibly talented artists and designers such as SawdustBear and Steve Talkowski.

Now its time to prepare for SDCC 2011. 3 big projects on our plate and of course, MORE THOR.
Ive already started on the upgraded molds for THOR so ill have way less cleanup and faster production, woohaa!

Lets try our best and get everything done.

For you!

Anyhow, heres some photos of the stuff that caught my eye at DCON. Some are terribly blurry!