Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remold progress and test pours today

3DJohnny has been working on the remold of THOR and today its time for a progress report.

My goal for this re-mold is to minimize any registration errors and air pockets. By doing this I intend to drastically reduce cleanup time and increase production time because a healthy stockpile of THOR for SDCC2011 will be nice to have. Plus there is a queue of other ideas and commissions that have been patiently waiting and really need some love.

The first "production" mold taught me a lot about how the process of making a silicone mold goes, and this one will probably teach me even more. I feel much more confident about this version and it will be exciting to see how the test pours turn out today!

These photos are just a few progress shots of the new molds. ill get a shot of the whole set once im done with em all.

Nothing like some 8 oz nails to really drive home the point...

But seriously I think I nailed it this time

no stupid puns here.
Recycling an old college project as a work space
Yeah, thats a print of an album cover with "Karatist Preacher" chopping a stack of bricks.
The one and only Mike Crain.


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