Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THOR v2 Artist's Proofs DIY 8" Resin Figure @ SDCC 2011

Our first big (relatively) run for SDCC 2011 is finally finished! Huge thanks to everyone once again for all the support, you know who you are!

PBC had several goals for this run of THOR and while we did not reach all of them, I do realize there has been a marked improvement in both quality of the final figures and the speed at which I was able to manufacture them. That being said we're still not quite there yet. The most important thing is to continue to develop and perfect my mold making and pouring techniques so that I end up spending the minimum amount of time handling your final custom kit.

For example, and this might spoil it a bit, one of our projects in development has something to do with GIANT ROBOTS. Excited? We are too, but to reach that level of precision I *need* to be able to fill a box of parts that are absolutely clean, with crisp edges and ready for you to customize with minimal cleanup.

Equally important is to improve package design! Design the figure to fit the box, not the other way around! Especially if your budget does not allow for custom made boxes!

Basically, I just want to insure that we can get more cool kits to you much sooner. Word.

Now, please enjoy some final progress pics!

Hope to see you at Comic Con this year! Come visit us in Small Press town, row "O". Yay!