Monday, April 4, 2011

Second Wave THOR here we come!

20 THORs almost ready for Comic-Con 2011!

Ok not exactly 20, there were some people that expressed interest when the first wave went out but I didn't have enough made at the time so more like 16 total will be sold at $40 for the assembled and pre-primed version, or $35 for the unassembled garage kit.
I plan to have only 5 of the unassembled versions but numbers are subject to change :D

This will be the only run of THOR for a little while as im pretty much going nuts thinking about our next project and want to actually get started on it. That being said I am excited about incorporating roto-casting into the workflow. I would also like to play with adding silicone parts into the mix as well. some previews should be up after Comic-Con.

Ill have more pics when were all boxed up and of course, pics for Comic Con. I intend to get a lot more photos this year than last :)

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