Monday, May 4, 2009

Original Patch Figure by Camille Rose Garcia

Custom sculpting by 3D Johnny

Custom Paint by Raymond Griego

The last batch of photos from just before Medusa-Patch was finished! Here you can see the assembled figure (sans hair snakes), and the primer stage. Also, our paint test object!! Ray's got the skillz, as usual and really came through for us. You can also see two of the painting passes here.

Furthermore, with the completion of Medusa-Patch and the show at Gunnzo, Plastic Booty now has time to set it's sights back on our original PANTHEON series of customizable toys!

And we're super excited to announce that Thor is just on the horizon and will be debuting at Comic Con San Diego 2009!! More news on him will be coming in June, including more detailed release info so please check back again soon!

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John"Spanky"Stokes said...

So... tell me about Thor guys!!!!!