Wednesday, August 5, 2009

San Diego COMIC-CON 09' Aftermath!

Before I say anything else I’d like to thank each and every person that lent support since we decided to bring Plastic Booty Collectibles to life. It is our goal to bring fun and inspired toys to you and your creativity. We have a lot to work on in the coming months and we will do our best to keep you updated on our timeline. Thank You!

San Diego Comic-Con 09’ was excellent. I met a lot of great people and got great feedback on our Proof-of-Concept Prototypes of THOR. Pretty In Plastic did an awesome job at bringing our sculpt to Resin, and we would love to work with them again! Ayleen and George Gaspar from Toybreak took some time in the middle of the insanity and give some honest feedback and talk about the business of Toys, and George's solemn decision to trim his impressive beard over the course of the con. We traded some moustache stories too! Good Times. Frank Kozik was in the trenches and I barely had a chance to chat with him, but he’s as industrious as ever. I’ve actually got a Dinosaur Jr. print he did a while back I’d like for him to see, but alas I forgot to bring it. Hopefully I’ll catch him at VTN/D-CON. Cheers Frank!

John Stokes from and Chris H. From SanBox inc. made a brave trek through the throngs and waves of attendees down to our booth in small press and got some pics and video of what we had to offer. Chris was a really chill guy and fun to talk to and John clearly works very hard to get the latest news, most often times firsthand. Please check John's coverage of SDCC09 out!

Chika, the proprietor of GUNNZO, a local Designer Toy outlet and gallery came by to say hello and bring me some great news I will be able to share with you all at a later date. She shows nothing but pure enthusiasm when it comes to toys and has really helped to spur our drive to keep things going. If you’re ever in San Diego I encourage you to check her store out. She’s got the coolest little collection of designer vinyl and prints from some really talented people, and two very cute dogs! (ask about the sketches she got :P)

And while not directly in the realm of Toys, I really wanted to mention a fellow by the name of Tom Carroll. He’s in the process of compiling and promoting a comic book cookbook, featuring the favorite dishes of some of the best artists in the entertainment industry. Tom is really a stand up guy and tireless professional. Thanks for the support!

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